Saturday, July 11, 2009

Video Combinder?

Hello everyone. As you can see from my video post's i dont have a video combinding program to make the videos one link. Does anyone happen to know of one. I need one that can combind MP4 videos. If so comment this or comment in the tagboard =] Thanksz

Friday, July 10, 2009

Britney Spears Making Of... Megapost 2

Britney Spears - The Making Of "(You Drive Me) Crazy"

This is the third single from the superstar Britney Spears. This is the official making of the video from MTV and featured on one of her DVD's. I dont have a video program that will let me combined MP4 videos so there in clips sorry.

The Making Of "(You Drive Me) Crazy" Part 1: Download
The Making Of "(You Drive Me) Crazy" Part 2: Download

Thursday, July 9, 2009

New Header

Hi everyone, there is a new header on the site. I dont know how long that will be up for because i really dont like it that much but i will make a new one also featuring britney spears if i do make a new one so all you britney fans dont worry =]

Brooke Hogan Ft. Flo Rida - Ruff Me Up (MP3)

Brooke Hogan Ft. Flo Rida - Ruff Me Up (MP3)

"Ruff Me Up" is a Pop/R&B song by Brooke Hogan. Her album "The Redmption" is set to hit stores on July 21st! Her single "Fallin" was not that big and her other sing "Hey Yo" ft. Colby O'Donis still has some time still. This is her 3rd single off the album. It reminds me of Britney Spears Womanizer alot! Its no were as good as Womanizer but the beat and everything reminds me of it. The song to me is not a good song and probably wont do that good. I still love Brooke and hope her album is a huge succsess. Make sure you buy her album on July 21st.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Britney Spears Tour Megapost 2.1

Britney Spears - The Onyx Hotel Tour (MP4)

The Onyx Hotel Tour was the fifth concert tour by the legendary miss Britney Spears to support her 4th studio album "In The Zone". The show toured North America and Europe, and was set to retour North America along with Asia and Australia. The tour was canceled after the European leg due to Britney's knee injury on the set of her "Outrageous" music video. The tour grossed more then $65 million. It is not the FULL tour on one link cause that will be to large to upload so I posted them by song. Hope you enjoy.

Act 1 - Check-In
Toxic: Download
Overprotected: Download
Boys: Download
Showdown: Download

Act 2 - Mystic Lounge
...Baby One More Time Cabaret Mix: Download
Oops! I Did It Again Jazz Mix: Download
(You Drive Me) Crazy: Download

Act 3 - Mystic Garden
Everytime: Download
The Hook Up: Download
Slave 4 U: Download

Act 4 - The Onyx Zone
Shadow: Download

Act 5 - Hotel Security Cameras
Touch Of My Hand: Download
Breathe On Me: Download
Outrageous: Download

Act 6 - Take it to the Streets
(I Got That) Boom Boom: Download

Act 7 - Checking Out
Me Against The Music Mix: Download

Britney Spears Tour Megapost 2

Britney Spears - Road To Miami (Making Of The Onyx Hotel Tour) (MP4)

The Onyx Hotel Tour was the fifth concert tour by the legendary miss Britney Spears to support her 4th studio album "In The Zone" This is the making of the Onyx Hotel Tour. Before it aired on showtime, MTV produced a special which took you behind the scenes of the tour. I hope you enjoy it. Sorry that the links are not all in one they are in parts i dont have an editing software to join them together. Still hope you like it.

Part 1: Download
Part 2: Download
Part 3: Download

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ashley Tisdale - He Said She Said (MP4)

Ashley Tisdale - He Said She Said (MP4)

Tisdale filmed a music video for the song "He Said She Said", directed by Scott Speer. The new video is the first part of the DVD "Theres Something About Ashley", released in November 2007. In the video, Tisdale and her friends go to a club, where a man played by the actor Josh Henderson notices her. She starts to dance with her friends and looks after the man. Her older sister Jennifer Tisdale and then boyfriend Jared Murillo appear in the music video. It is a very up tempo song and is one of my favorite videos. Make sure you download it!